Cold Laminate Film (Metallic) - A4 Size
Cold Laminate Film (Metallic) - A4 Size Cold Laminate Film Indoor & Outdoor Stickers / Materials Sabah & Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Malaysia, Selangor Printing, Supplies | Heat Press Mart Sdn Bhd
How to Laminate Stickers Tutorial

Normally, Cold Laminate Film is used to Laminate your Sticker. By Laminating your sticker, it can help the sticker to be resisted to Water and Sun, thus making the sticker Waterproof and Sunproof.
It also helps to Prevent the Sticker by Scratch Damages (Tahan Calar). 
Besides that, Laminate Film also help to create a effect on your sticker, making the sticker looks more Attractive. By using this Cold Laminate Film (Metallic), your  ticker will have the metallic effect as shown in the picture.
The Laminate Film is Cold Laminate Film, thus you can either use your laminator machine to laminate by closing the heater, just let the laminator to laminate your sticker in cold condition. 
The Laminate Film is Available in A4 Size.

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